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“My passion to pursue a career in this industry has been fueled with the help and support of Multi Parts. What the Cohn family does for students like me is absolutely incredible. I cannot thank them enough.”

Elizabeth Niemi

“I learned from my Guiding Light that this industry is all about connections and building relationships.”

Melina Amico

“A program like SPARK is so important to the industry because we are working to cultivate talent and bring in new ideas and a new generation of leaders.”

Kathy Jorge, Delphi Product & Service Solutions

“SPARK helps broaden students’ understanding of what we do [in the aftermarket] and guides them to where they may be able to make a living.”

Dave Miller, Gates Corporation

“As a military Veteran, it’s always nice to be recognized. It was great to have the opportunity see some other Veterans who are trying to get into the industry like I am and bounce ideas off each other.”

Ben Chad

“It’s hard paying for college. When people like the Cohns are generous enough to give students scholarships to see them succeed, it really helps. It means a lot.”

Brice Nethers

“SPARK is so rewarding. The people I’ve met and the experience has been amazing. I’m so excited to be able to follow up with all of these companies I’ve talked to and to be able to see where I can go from here.”

Katherine Dooley

“I learned a lot about entry positions that are opening up within the aftermarket and that there’s a lot of opportunity for younger people, especially in my generation, within it.”

Jordan Renkas

“SPARK was such a great opportunity. I learned so much about the aftermarket industry. Thank you for your dedication to SPARK and for taking the time to guide us through our first show.”

Brooke Peckham

“On the AAPEX floor I learned that this industry is even bigger than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Ryan Howar


“I wanted to extend our sincere appreciation for having had the opportunity to be a part of Spark2016. We very much enjoyed having Brooke P. with us on Tuesday afternoon. Everyone who interacted with her was impressed with her professionalism and desire to learn. We hope she found the time spent with us valuable and educational. Thank you again for having us partner with Multi Parts on this wonderful initiative.”

Michael Palm, CRP Automotive