Multi Parts Announces SPARK2015 Luminaries

Multi Parts announced the SPARK2015 Luminaries. SPARK2015 participants benefit from a dynamic opportunity to engage these professionals in an intimate and relaxed setting as they share their expertise and insights. SPARK Luminaries are true industry leaders. “It’s hard to overstate the level and depth of these men and women. I doubt SPARK participants can yet appreciate how rare it is to have access to one of these individuals, much less 17 of them,” stated Multi Parts President Brian Cohn.

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SPARK2015 Website Now Live

Multi Parts® Initiative

Multi Parts announced the SPARK2015 website is now live. is a resource for information on the SPARK2015 initiative, as well as the Luminaries, Guiding Lights and Volunteer Educators who have graciously joined Multi Parts to provide the SPARK2015 students with a front row seat to engage with the automotive industry at its finest.

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Multi Parts Announces SPARK2015 Guiding Lights

Professionals Volunteering Time, Experience, Insight

Multi Parts announced the SPARK2015 Guiding Lights. The group of 19 professionals is volunteering its time during arguably the busiest days of the year. They are partnering with Multi Parts as part of this year’s SPARK Initiative. The Guiding Lights are providing students with access and insight into the aftermarket industry’s largest gathering, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX). The students will shadow Guiding Lights throughout their time at SPARK2015 and within the AAPEX show. SPARK2015 wouldn’t be possible without them.

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