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“The car is the new frontier of technology. Successfully pioneering innovation will require the current generation working closely with the next.”

– Brian Cohn, President, Multi Parts

Future. Now.

SPARK is a three-day industry immersion that takes place each year during the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (“AAPEX”) in Las Vegas. SPARK brings students and military veterans face-to-face with potentially transformative career opportunities in the $356 billion global automotive aftermarket. AAPEX is the industry’s premier event with more than 150,000 attendees.

Exposure. Engagement.


“SPARK exposed me to real-world advice from industry leaders and gave me a place to connect with peers who I hope to be working alongside after college.”

–Elizabeth Niemi, Northwood University



Three intense days showcase the global automotive aftermarket. SPARK programming combines large and small group gatherings, one-to-one meetings, guided tours, personal introductions and other engagement opportunities within AAPEX. SPARK places attendees side-by-side with the industry’s leadership and exposes them to all the opportunity that is the global automotive aftermarket.

SPARK is an initiative of Multi Parts, a family-owned American company. For nearly 30 years, Multi Parts has developed and manufactured aftermarket auto parts for full line co-manufacturers and their global brands.

Paying it forward.

Spark Team

About Multi Parts

“Giving students this kind of exposure is invaluable to them. I don’t know where else they can engage like this. It’s just fantastic. The SPARK program is a brilliant idea from a wonderful family and a wonderful company.”

–Jon Owens, Epicor

Pick your passion.

SPARK participants are students and Veterans interested in management, engineering, product development, cataloging, pricing, marketing, sales, logistics, legal, accounting and other core business activities of the automotive aftermarket, including finance, information technology and human resources.

Airfare, private hotel accommodations and all expenses in Las Vegas related to your SPARK attendance are covered. In return, we ask you to take this time seriously. Be engaged. Leverage the personal interactions and the programming we’ve developed for you.

A seat at the table.



Ben Chad, SPARK 2015

Ben Chad took a hard turn on his career path after attending SPARK 2015 as a member of the Military and Veterans category. Encouraged by SPARK Guiding Light Brian Cruickshank, Ben changed his education focus from a technician’s track to a concentration on a career within the executive side of the aftermarket.

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