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Jason Best

Sr. Vice-President, Aftermarket Spectra Premium Industries

Jason Best has been working in the manufacturing and distribution of aftermarket replacement parts for over 20 years. Throughout this period, Jason has acquired a profound experience and gained a solid reputation as one of the youngest pioneers of the aftermarket industry.

At 38 years old, Jason is a very experienced and knowledgeable individual with great family and friendship values, which reflects into his sportsmanship of golf, hockey and baseball. Jason is a father of 2 boys, Cooper and Austin and a loving husband to wife Nicole. Jason is currently the Senior Vice-President, Aftermarket at Spectra Premium Industries. He also sits on the board of the Automotive Industry Association of Canada (AIA) and Chairs of the Government Relations Committee.

Jason started his career in 1994 as the National Sales Manager at Coulter Radiator, a company founded by his father, which produced and distributed complete radiators and radiator cores for automotive and heavy-duty trucks. During his first few years in the industry, Jason developed sales and leadership talents. At that period, he had already envisioned several potential opportunities to develop the aftermarket industry towards a more promising future.

In 1999, during the acquisition of Coulter Radiator by Spectra Premium Industries, Jason was nominated to the position of Director of Sales for Canada. From that period onwards, he held several leadership positions such as Director of US Operations, Director of Sales for Canada and Europe, and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Today, Jason holds the position of Senior Vice-President of Sales and Business Development, as well as President of Spectra Premium USA. Under his leadership at Spectra Premium, the company’s annual sales increased from $80 million to $350 million.

A modern man of our times and conscience of the fast evolving technologies, Jason propelled the company into the 21st century. Starting with the development of the first online parts catalog in 2002, which allowed users to find all available products in one simple search – that revolution became a standard in the today’s industry. Being a forward thinker, Jason also implemented an eCommerce system for the company’s B2B customers. This online platform facilitated online orders to be placed very efficiently and was a big competitive advantage for the small and medium-sized customers of Spectra Premium.

Jason’s implications in various technology projects made him quickly grasp the importance of Big Data and made him a leading advocate of this new trend. During the following years, Spectra Premium emphasized the importance of Big Data and implemented various standards and procedures to properly distribute this data to its customer base. Thanks to Jason’s initiative, Spectra Premium now prides itself in being an industry leader in offering the best data to its customers.

Similar to technologies, the aftermarket is also constantly evolving, and Jason was very well aware. He quickly adapted the Spectra Premium branding from a traditional WD offering to a more retail-oriented customer base such as DIYers. This adaptation repositioned the Spectra Premium brand and its product offering. It implicated logo changes, packaging changes – brown box to branded color packaging, as well as trilingual installation instructions.

In Jason’s vision, all these accomplishments were not sufficient for the company to remain an industry leader. Spectra Premium had to expand its product offering to become a global supplier and partner to its customers. Over the past few years, Jason became more involved in overseas product development. This implication allowed the company to introduce 10 new product categories. More recently, Jason oversaw the strategic acquisition of Rich Porter Technology which opened its doors to a brand new segment – Engine Management.