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Ira Davis

President, AutoFocus Consulting & Research, LLC

General Manager, Alliance of Independent Manufacturers

Ira’s career started in 1976, as Assistant Director of Purchasing of Beck/Arnley Corp, in Long Island, New York. In 1977, he assumed the purchasing responsibilities for three Beck/Arnley facilities, (New York, Compton, and Chicago). In 1983, he took on the additional responsibility for the catalog and marketing departments.

Beck/Arnley was purchased in 1984 by GKN who already owned Worldparts, a competitor; thus began the merging and consolidation of the two companies. Ira quickly became involved in the purchasing and marketing activities of Worldparts. In 1987, Ira was named Vice President of Product Management and moved to Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Louise, and two children, Adam and Ali. Shortly thereafter, in 1988, Echlin purchased the company from GKN, and the company was re-named Beck/Arnley Worldparts (BWC).

In 1989 Ira assumed the additional responsibility for the purchasing and materials functions for the company and re-structured the product management department into teams to assume full responsibility for these areas. At that time he was named Vice President Product Management and Purchasing.

In 1992 Beck/Arnley Worldparts bought a small Expeditor company out of bankruptcy, EAP, and Ira was tasked with the responsibility to generate sales (the last year in business the company was struggling with poor fill rates and sales of about $1 million) and generate profits. Within two years, under his leadership, the company sold over $12 million and the company realized a solid profit.

In 1994 he assumed additional responsibilities for marketing for Beck/Arnley Worldparts. In 1996 he became Chief Operating Officer and, on January 1, 1997, became President of Beck/Arnley Worldparts Corp. Following the assimilation of the Beck/Arnley management into other Dana Engine Management entities, Ira became responsible for global sourcing for the Engine Management Group.

In January 1997, Ira joined the Honorable Governor of Tennessee, Donald Sundquist, Director of Economic Development, William Dunavant, and business, religious and community leaders on an economic mission to Israel. He was the sole representative of the Tennessee automobile industry and was asked by the Governor to host an economic mission of Israeli manufacturers to Tennessee. In September of 1997, with the help of industry, chamber and government officials, Ira led the mission of 15 Israeli manufacturers of automotive components to Tennessee.   Ira’s extensive global travel and international trade experience made him the ideal candidate to coordinate this effort.

In July, 2002, Ira joined Forecast Products in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as Vice President and General Manager. After 2 years at Forecast and almost 2 years as Vice President Global Sourcing at American Remanufacturers Inc., Ira joined Multi Parts in 2006., an international automotive parts development and engineering firm supplying to the leading manufacturers and direct importers in North America, serving as Vice President Global Program Management.

In February, 2015 Ira became General Manager of the Alliance of Independent Manufacturers (AIM) and in March 2016 he formed his own company, AutoFocus Consulting & Research, LLC.

Ira is an avid supporter of the industry and advocate for the past 20 years. In 1998 (and again in 2003) he was honored by AIA as the “Import Industry Person of the Year” for his dedication and service to the segment and the Import Industry. In 2001 Ira was elected to serve as chairman of the board for the AIA and successfully transitioned the organization from being managed by MEMA to becoming a stand-alone segment of AAIA. Currently Ira serves as a Secretary on the Executive Committee of AAIA and is again Chairman of the AIA Executive Leadership Council.

Ira graduated Queens College in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Ira resides in Florida with his wife, Louise. Daughter Ali and son-in-law Carl and grandchildren, Madison Rose and Jackson Carl and son Adam, who is the Director of the Palm Beach County Main Public Library branch and Director of the Palm Beach County Outreach Services all live close by.