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Brooke Peckham

Grand Rapids Community College

Brooke Peckham was diagnosed with a serious and costly bone condition at an early age that forever changed her life and made it financially unfeasible for her parents to help pay for her education. Therefore, she entered the automotive aftermarket because she needed a job to pay her own way through college. However, once she took a position as a human resource clerk for Auto-Wares, she received so much more than a job. She was given a front-row seat to the importance of the Human Resource Department and the effect it can have on the growth of automotive aftermarket businesses. As a result, she changed her major from Child Development to Human Resource Management. She is passionate about developing the skills and the knowledge base necessary to create new training programs and champion employee wellness at Auto-Wares and beyond.

A recipient of a 2016 MAPA award, Brooke is committed to learning everything she can from leaders in the aftermarket to continue making strides forward, not just for herself, but for her company and the generation coming up behind her.