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Beth Skove

Director of Marketing, Valeo US and Canada

Beth Skove is currently Director of Marketing for Valeo US and Canada. Valeo is a multinational automotive supplier based in France, providing a wide range of products to auto manufacturers and the aftermarket. Valeo is a worldwide aftermarket and OE leader in several parts categories and is widely-known for their longtime Tier-1 automotive supplier relationships with vehicle manufacturers around the world. As such, Valeo can provide OE quality to the US and Canadian aftermarkets. Skove is a member of the executive leadership team and manages all marketing-related functions, including brand management, market research, product, promotions, events, advertising, social media, public relations and all activities designed to grow the brand recognition of Valeo at the aftermarket level. Product lines include: radiators, compressors, wipers, clutch, transmission, lighting, starters and altenators. She is based at Valeo’s US headquarters in Hampton, VA.

Prior to joining Valeo in late 2015, Skove held the position of Director of Global Marketing for ITW/Evercoat and was based in Cincinnati, OH. ITW/Evercoat is the premier manufacturer of body filler, putty and adhesives to the PBE side of the aftermarket. She joined Evercoat in December, 2011, and while there, Skove worked with her team to launch new products into two new markets: China and Brazil, while expanding the brand recognition in other key markets, including S. Africa, W. Europe, England and Japan. She launched the “Ultra” line of fillers and putties, the world’s first eco-friendly filler. She was responsible for worldwide brand management, promotions, advertising, product development, market research and worked with her team to design and deliver marketing programs to support the growth and expansion of the ITW/Evercoat brand to US and global customers.

Previously, Skove served as Publisher with Babcox Publications. While at Babcox, Skove was responsible for the growth and marketing of two trade publications: TechShop and Tomorrow’s Technician. TechShop magazine is an industry standard – highlighting all new tools and equipment products brought to the aftermarket by the various manufacturers. Published every other month, it is eagerly awaited by technicians looking for the latest information on tools and equipment. Tomorrow’s Technician is another industry-leading publication. It is designed for the upcoming technician, the next generation of professionals entering our industry.

In addition to her experience in the PBE and media channels of the aftermarket, Skove has many years experience in the T&E segment, having spent several years as Vice President of Ken-Tool, a small hand tool manufacturer based in Akron, Ohio. As Vice-President she was responsible for all sales growth, all marketing efforts and worked with some of the industry’s most remarkable sales rep agencies. Prior to that, she held increasing responsible sales and marketing positions at Ken-Tool.

Beth is an active member of various industry associations, including the Women’s Board and the Automotive Sales Council. She also serves on the ACA Research Committee and has been active in leadership positions throughout her career.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, she graduated from Hiram College with a BA in English, and took graduate courses in Marketing and English at Kent State University. She also received her AAP designation from the University of the Aftermarket. Having spent most of her automotive career based in NE Ohio, Skove now resides in Gloucester, VA and enjoys exploring the many rivers and waterways of Coastal Virginia in her free time.