Spotlight: Ben Chad, SPARK 2015

Ben Chad took a hard turn on his career path after attending SPARK 2015 as a member of the Military and Veterans category. Encouraged by SPARK Guiding Light Brian Cruickshank, Ben changed his education focus from a technician’s track to a concentration on a career within the executive side of the aftermarket.

A United States Marine, Ben’s transformation over just a few days in Las Vegas was unmistakable. We witnessed him beginning to understand his place in our industry in a very different light. He saw the opportunity and is now pursuing it. Multi Parts recognized Ben’s achievement, naming him the first recipient of the Multi Parts SPARK Scholarship. 

The scholarship is given to SPARK participants who demonstrate a commitment to career advancement within the aftermarket. A student at Northwood University, we look forward to the day Ben Chad begins to leverage all the high-level industry contacts he has made through SPARK. That will complete the circle on this inspiring turn of events.

SPARK isn’t about us. SPARK is about you and what you will do as a result of what SPARK does in you.