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SPARK is the perfect mix of interesting, beneficial programming, good business, good food, and just enough social and downtime to keep it fresh. You’ll leave tired. You’ll return home with a seemingly impossible number of people to contact and thank.

Don’t be deterred. Follow up on every connection you make. That’s the value of SPARK.

“It’s so rewarding. The people I’ve met and the experience has been amazing. I’m so excited to be able to follow up with all of these companies I’ve talked to and to be able to see where I can go from here.”

–Katherine Dooley, Northwood University

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SPARK 2018 Candidate Application

SPARK participants are students and Veterans interested in management, engineering, product development, cataloging, pricing, marketing, sales, logistics, legal, accounting, and other core business activities of the automotive aftermarket, including finance, information technology and human resources.

  • Military service, branch, years served, rank, discharge type as applicable.
  • What are your specific job aspirations in the automotive aftermarket?
  • Describe your background with regard to your interest in pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket.
  • Why should Multi Parts select you as the ideal candidate to participate in the SPARK program?
  • Have you ever attended the AAPEX show or SEMA show in Las Vegas? If so, when?
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.